Faculty Support

What we do
National recognition and ranking of colleges of business is tied directly to the qual­ity of research produced by its faculty. High-quality research that is relevant to the business world also evidences service to the business community, promotes corpo­rate partnerships and leads to additional resources. To continually increase the quality and caliber of the research produced by the college private support is critical.

How you can help

One way that we can recruit and retain innovators and high achieving scholars is through endowed positions. Because only earnings are used, an endowment creates a perpetual supply of funding for each position. These positions will bring prestige and recognition to the college, and in turn, affect and raise the economic abilities of the surrounding area.

Areas of Impact

Area of expertise would be open, and the chairs would be selected by the Dean based on a combination of (1) research productivity and (2) areas within the college where good to great will occur.
Endowment: $2,000,000 each                     Annual Support: $80,000

Awarded in areas where highly research productive faculty could enhance the quality of the doctoral program and junior faculty could benefit from research mentoring.
Endowment: $1,500,000 each                     Annual Support: $60,000

Awarded to emerging scholars at the Associate Professor or early Professor level with promise of national recognition for research productivity.
Endowment: $600,000 each                        Annual Support: $24,000

Awarded to promising scholars at the level of Assistant Professor, or used to attract promising new Assistant Professors in competitive markets.
Endowment: $300,000 each                        Annual Support: $12,000

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