Undergraduate Program FAQs

1. What is the difference between ITDS and BCIS and DSCI?

2. What is the difference between Computer Science and BCIS?

3. How do I apply for one of your programs?

4. I’m going to transfer from another school, what courses can I use?

5. I want to take classes elsewhere; what courses will transfer?

6. Will BCIS 4800 apply to my degree plan?

7. I want to know what my progress is on completing my degree plan.

8. I need an advising code.

9. I’m blocked from registering.

10. The course is closed.

11. The teacher said I could get in a closed class.

12. I want to be cleared to take 3000-level and higher classes.

13. I want to file for graduation.

14. I want you to put me in a different section of the same course.

15. How will you contact me?

16. I want to complain about a course.