Careers in Information Systems

Undergraduate Career Information

There has been and continues to be high demand for well-qualified graduates possessing a undergraduate degree in ITDS. The graduate with a high GPA, Cooperative Education job experience, and active in one or more extracurricular student organizations can expect to be actively recruited by major national and international firms. The career prospects for information systems (IS) professionals look quite favorable. IT Employment Prospects: Beyond the Dotcom Bubble

The following job descriptions are provided to help you understand the kinds of opportunities available. Job titles may vary among organizations.

After one or more years in an entry-level position, one can move up the career ladder. An individual’s career choice, motivation, and success in an initial assignment are important factors for moving into new positions, as well as size of company. Positions such as these many be available:

Job Levels (an example)

Recent IT Industry Articles

Additional Information

Additional information about IS occupations and salaries is available from:

Many of the above organizations have local chapters in DFW and student membership is often available. Participation is valuable for professional networking and information on current IS issues.

The UNT Career Planning and Placement Office has the College Placement Council Annual directory which lists job opportunities in all disciplines.

Direct contact with professionals working in information systems is possible by contacting the Department Undergraduate Coordinator, other faculty members of the ITDS Department, and by participating in CISO (Computer Information Systems Organization) events. Some students find it useful to visit with companies which have facilities at the technology-oriented INFOMART facility in Dallas.