Storage Information

UNT Student Storage

Each student enrolled at UNT is automatically provided 25 GB of space on Onedrive . You can access your storage via any web browser. To log in, go to EagleConnect We have an instructions page set up to help you access it from both on-campus and off.

Other Storage Media

USB Flash Drives


Flash drive a lightweight, portable, small in size and can store very large amounts of data. They are also becoming more affordable and a popular type of removeable storage. You can buy them almost anywhere computer media is sold.


Note: Front USB slots may not allow some USB drives to be inserted. We are currently working on ways to solve this problem. In the mean time, students who have problems in inserting USB's are recomended to use other forms of storage media.

For the most part, these drives work great. In CoB's computing environment, there are some devices that may not install correctly, especially if they are one of the "secure" drives and require additional drivers to be installed on our machines. We recommend that you find out from friends or the lab attendant's which drives are proven to work before purchasing one.

Additionally, files on these drives can sometimes become corrupted when using them from one PC to the next, especially if they aren't removed correctly. You should not have this problem in Windows XP, but in other operating systems, click on the icon located on the bottom right hand corner of your screen and safely remove USB drives to avoid any loss of data.