New Product Development Scholars Program

Introducing the New Product Development Scholars Program at the University of North Texas

The Department of Marketing and Logistics is delighted to introduce the unique and exciting New Product Development Scholars Program. The program was recently endowed by an anonymous gift to the Department of Marketing and Logistics. In his own words, the NPD scholars program anonymous donor "the program gives deserving students an opportunity to learn the easier way" (i.e., through a dedicated new product development curriculum and a dedicated apprentice-like experience) "what I had to learn the harder way about the requirements for success in the business and new product worlds."

The Department’s Donor went on to say...

[In funding this program], "all I want is to make it easier for some motivated young people to navigate their own paths to their own successes more easily. And because of my personal business experiences, I believe the best road to business success involves an expertise in new product development. That’s why I’ve invested in this New Product Development Scholars program. I’ve invested where I believe my money can help the most students."

To that, we say:

If you’re creative, comfortable with change and driving change yourself, motivated and willing to take calculated risks; the NPD Scholars program represents a unique opportunity that you should seriously consider.

Multiple prestigious scholarships are available exclusively to students in the NPD Scholars Program. Visit the Marketing & Logistics scholarships page for more details.

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