About Mentoring

The PLP Executive Mentoring Program partners PLP members with top executives for real business experiences through participating in business transactions, meetings, negotiations, strategic planning sessions and networking opportunities. Volunteering to be a mentor allows mentors to create opportunities for students beyond the classroom through a partnership of applied experiences and interaction. Mentees are appropriately matched with mentors who have the same goals and expectations of the relationship; and who have similar career aspirations. PLP seeks mentors who commit to providing constructive feedback; creating a safe learning environment for inquiries; encouraging growth opportunities; contributing positively to the mentees' confidence; offering challenges; teaching by example; and encouraging the exploration of ideas.


For top business executives in the DFW area to provide coaching, mentoring, objectivity and sound guidance on issues affecting career and professional development to members of PLP.

Objective 1: Help the student develop his or her career vision
Objective 2: Create environment that allows for professional development in business and social settings
Objective 3: Take student from academic thinking to helping them develop the leadership edge for any professional environment
Objective 4: Provide resources that will aid the student in career decisions
Objective 5: Increase individual strengths through positive coaching and experiences
Objective 6: Provide professional and social networking opportunities


 Suggested Topics of Discussion

For additional information on becoming a mentor, please contact us at or 940.565.3855.