Qualifying Examination

Each student must pass a qualifying examination, which is designed and administered per departmental requirements with the written and oral components varying by department. After completion of all courses in the degree plan, and in preparation for the qualifying examination, the student may register for 6940. With approval of the advisor and dean, students may enroll in 6940 prior to passing the qualifying exams in order to expedite their progress. The student must have been recommended by the Chairperson of the student's appropriate departmental committee and have been certified as eligible by the CoB Office of Graduate Programs and Research. The form (FORM G) should be filed via the major area Ph.D. Coordinator.

Written Qualifying Examination

Each student is required to pass a written qualifying examination within one long semester after completion of course work over the concentration areas. The written qualifying examination will normally consist of at least two four-hour examinations.

Oral Qualifying Examination

Per departmental policy, oral qualifying examinations are to be administered within 90 days after successful completion of major written qualifying examination. Departments have the option of determining the form and requirement for an oral examination.

Examination Results

A grade of either PASS or FAIL of the qualifying examination will be reported to the Graduate School. Per departmental policy, a student may receive a PASS CONDITIONALLY with deficiency requirements. All deficiency requirements must be resolved no later than within one semester following the examination, in which case a PASS is submitted to the Graduate School; otherwise, the PASS CONDITIONALLY will automatically be changed to a FAIL.