There are countless resume templates available at your fingertip. We have done some background work for you to provide you with templates that have been recruiter approved. We recommend either the chronological or functional resume format. The two templates are similar in style but vary in their primary use.

A functional or skills based resume is recommend for students who have minimal work experience, employment gaps or have never worked. It highlights your transferable skills over your employment history. Entries in the skills section can include experience gained from an academic project and tasks completed as a student leader in a student professional organization.

In comparison, the chronological resume is your standard resume format. It is ideal for students who have had relevant work experience, 3+ years of general work experience, and even for those who have held multiple internships.

For most college students, a 1 page resume no matter how involved you are on campus is sufficient. Exceptions can be made for students who have had 5+ years of full time professional experience. However, we strongly recommend that your resume does not exceed 2 pages.

Recruiters are known to quickly scan resumes looking for the most relevant information based on the criteria outlined in the job description. This is why your resume must be easy to read, highlight the most relevant work experience and be succinct.

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