How Does COVID-19 Impact the Life Science Startup #enet2920

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

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It’s no secret that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive disruption to society. Beyond the astonishing numbers of infected individuals and loss of life, the economy has undergone a tremendous freefall that is impacting virtually all business sectors.

The life science R&D enterprise in Massachusetts has been deemed an essential business, as companies throughout the ecosystem are racing to find solutions to this crisis. Established corporations with established infrastructure and strong cash positions are leading the charge. How does the COVID-19 crisis impact early stage life science companies – emerging enterprises that are in company building mode in actively seeking financing?

Please join us for an engaging discussion with entrepreneurial minded leaders who are finding their way through a very unusual, memorable 2020.

Join us for a compelling discussion and some great networking!


7:00-7:15 PM - ENET Chairperson's Announcements

7:15-7:30 PM - eMinute - Up to 3 Founders Pitch Their Startup

7:30-8:30 PM - Expert Speakers on the Meeting's Topic

A question and answer session follow the presentations.

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