meet VCs | Meet the People Behind Venture Capital & Startup Investment

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:15pm 

A behind the scenes look at the Startup and Venture Capital world from the people who live and work in the industry - the VC's themselves.

About this Event

Who are the people making the investments in today's promising startups?

What do they look for when partnering with today's rising startup stars?

When is the best time to engage with a VC?

Where can you meet VCs and/or get a warm lead intro to one?

Why is venture capital still relevant today?


Join us on Tuesday August 25th for our first live podcast event where we're talking VC & Meeting the People Behind Venture Capital & Startup Investment. During our one hour discussion, our panel of VCs and investors from across the country will share their own personal journeys in venture capital, knowledge on how to navigate discussions with VCs and answer your burning questions on the process they take towards investing in companies.