Paper Presentation Tracks

We invite submissions of fully-developed papers to the following paper tracks

  • Entrepreneurship

    We invite submissions that address issues related to entrepreneurship as a field of study. This includes, but is not limited to, the study of entrepreneurial perspectives, processes, and constructs. Current topics including the influence of digital transformation and the knowledge economy on entrepreneurial activities are well suited for this track. We welcome qualitative and quantitative forms of exploratory and confirmatory research.

  • Family Business Management

    We invite scholarly work on fundamental and applied research that addresses the development, sustenance, growth, and transition of family businesses. This may include, but is not limited to the following areas - Managing the family business in dynamic environments; Values, work practices and performance in family-run businesses; and transitioning the family business.

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    We invite scholarly work that addresses SMEs from, among others, an economic, structural, and behavioral perspective. The use of mid-range theories to explore the SME phenomenon is encouraged. We encourage scholars to submit their qualitative or quantitative research to this track.

  • Social Issues in Entrepreneurship

    Unpublished work that explores social issues in entrepreneurship (or family business) are solicited. Papers focusing on migration, calamities, underprivileged population, regional disparities, cultural issues, and related social issues, may also be submitted.

We welcome both theoretical and empirical work.

All paper submissions will be blind reviewed. Authors of accepted papers will be intimated about six weeks after the submission deadline, and they will all be invited to make presentations at the conference. In addition, abstracts of accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings.

Best paper awards will be presented for exemplary contribution in each conference track. In addition, there will be an award for the best overall paper at the conference. These awards will be announced during the closing ceremonies on the final day of the conference.

Workshop Tracks

Academic Workshops

We invite creative and insightful workshop proposals that offer forums where researchers can ponder, debate, visualize and collaboratively explore new or emerging pathways for research on entrepreneurship and family business.

Academic workshops are not platforms for research paper presentations. Rather, the workshops should be designed to stimulate thinking on fresh and unique approaches that would aid in investigating and testing existing phenomena, and blue-sky thinking that would aid in discovering new phenomena in the fields of entrepreneurship and family business. Workshops could also serve as information dissemination portals wherein researchers could gather to share ideas, highlight challenging issues, and address problems in the field. These workshops could take various forms including, but not limited to, expert panel sessions, moderated group discussions with or without breakout sessions, creative ideation sessions, etc.

Academic workshop proposals may be submitted to the following workshop tracks

  • Emerging topics in entrepreneurship and family business research
  • Methodological issues in entrepreneurship research entrepreneurship
  • Teaching entrepreneurship and family business
  • Research trends in social entrepreneurship

All workshop proposals will be blind reviewed. Authors of accepted workshop proposals will be intimated about six weeks after the submission deadline, and they will all be invited to orchestrate their workshop at the conference.

Submission guidelines for Paper Presentation tracks and Academic workshops are provided on the Submission Guidelines Page.