Guidelines for Academic Workshop Proposal Submissions

Authors are invited to submit proposals for academic workshops that they will lead and orchestrate at the conference. Authors may submit multiple proposals. Each proposal can be submitted to only one Academic Workshop Proposal Track. Please use the following guidelines to design and format your proposal.

  • Include the following sequenced set of sections in your paper
    • Page-1: Title/abstract/workshop leads
      • Place title at the top of the page
      • The abstract should be no more than 250 words
      • List the names and institutional affiliations of the individuals who will lead the workshop. All workshop leads must commit to attend the conference and facilitate the workshop.
    • Main text of the workshop proposal
      • Present an overview of the intent of the workshop. What core issues have spurred a need for the workshop? What intellectual activities are planned to address this need? What are the goals of the workshop?
      • Explain why the workshop would be of interest to participants who are expected to attend the conference. Conference participants will be interested in exploring phenomenon related to entrepreneurship, family business, SMEs and social entrepreneurship.
      • Describe the format of the workshops. For example, will it be a panel-centered or a presenter-centered symposium (if a panel is opted for, you will need to name the panelists)? Or, will it be a group session with the active involvement of the workshop audience? Something else?
      • Describe activities that will transpire during the workshop, and explain why these activities represent the best approach to achieving the goals of the workshop.
      • What will be the most significant takeaways for individuals who participate in the proposed workshop?
    • Figures and tables, references, and appendices
      • Provide appropriate figures, tables, and references to support your arguments.
  • Use Times Roman 12-point font, maintain 1-inch margins and double-space all textual content.
  • The paper should be submitted as a single PDF (.pdf) or MS-Word (.docx) document.
  • We recommend that you will limit the size of the document to 10 pages.

Please contact the submissions coordinator if you have any questions regarding submission guidelines.