Capital Campaign: Professional Progam in Accountancy

The UNT program in accountancy has enjoyed a reputation for excellence nationally as well as locally for nearly half a century. It was the first five-year professional program in Texas and one of the first to become AACSB Internationally accredited; only a year after AACSB began accrediting accounting programs separately. Its Petroleum Accounting Institute publishes the standard reference for oil and gas accounting and provides annually a review of best practices in the industry that is used worldwide.

Its taxation program is ranked 8th in the nation for tax research and in the top – 25 for auditing research. With these strengths as a platform, the program produces quality graduates many of whom rival the best in the nation and are leaders in the profession. A major gift of $11 million for endowed chairs and fellowships will allow the program to attract and retain high quality faculty.

Areas of Impact

University of North Texas Center for Tax Policy

The goals of a Tax Institute are (1) to seek research funding from government agencies, private sources, and public companies, (2) to provide a forum for UNT faculty, and (3) to generate research findings with immediate relevance for issues of national importance, all of which will increase reputation and engage the faculty in research on national policy.
Endowment: $2,000,000
Annual Support: $80,000

Endowed Chairs

When our departmental endowed professorships and chairs were created, they provided sufficient funds to attract successful researchers and build the research track record that we needed for national recognition. Aspirant programs have established larger endowments such that our current level of funding is insufficient to attract and retain established scholars. Our request is to complete funding of endowments named for our most respected emeritus faculty.
$1,100,000 for the Paden Neeley Chair for Excellence in Teaching
$1,000,000 for the Horace Brock Centennial Chair in Accountancy
$1,000,000 for the Hershel Anderson Chair in Taxation
$500,000 for the Barney A. Coda Chair in Accountancy
Endowment: $3,600,000
Annual Support: $146,000

Endowed Fellowships

Attracting and retaining faculty at the early stage of their careers is essential to maintain program excellence. Given the shortage of new PhDs in accounting, the competition for young faculty in the field is fierce. Five fellowships of $24,000 each for Assistant Professors and early stage Associate Professors will ensure that UNT remains competitive.
Endowment: $3,000,000
Annual Support: $120,000

Fifth-Year Scholarships

The Department of Accounting, with its five-year BS/MS program, has a number of scholarships for students who have entered the program at the beginning of their junior year. It has none to attract high-quality entering freshmen and provide support for them for a full five years. A portfolio of these scholarships would position the department to compete for the top students who wish to major in accounting.
Endowment: $1,000,000
Annual Support: $40,000

Visiting Professor/Research Workshop Series

To provide perspective and collaboration on research, visiting professors continue their work on our campus which heightens the quality of the programs publications. Research Workshops attract published scholars to present research and expertise to faculty and work with doctoral students to hone their abilities.
Endowment: $1,400,000
Annual Support: $56,000

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