Capital Campaign: Center for Logistics Education and Research

The strategic objective for the Center for Logistics & Supply Chain Management Texas is to become the #1 program in the world. The Logistics and Supply Chain Management program received its first national ranking in 2006 and has received subsequent rankings placing it in the top 20 programs in North America and among the top five globally in logistics and transportation research. Proximity to North America’s leading distribution center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex provides a unique opportunity for UNT to become the intellectual hub for creating and transferring knowledge between the academic and professional logistics communities.

The program experiences a nearly 100 percent placement rate with graduates employed in over 250 national and international companies. A $5 million endowment will enable the center to execute their strategy to become the world’s finest program, by attracting corporate and federally-funded research to advance logistics practice and knowledge, while expanding internship and placement opportunities for our graduates.

Areas of Impact

Enhancing the Student Experience

The logistics center consistently strives to enhance the student experience through activities that range from participating in national student competitions, UNT is a six-time champion in the CSCMP Logistics Challenge, to providing opportunities for students to engage senior logistics professionals in the classroom. Focusing on increasing the quality of our “work ready” graduates enables us to foster and establish relationships with the many corporations that recruit at UNT.
Endowment: $2,500,000
Annual Support: $100,000


Only a few hundred logistics professors exist worldwide, and these fellowships will ensure UNT sustains a high quality research and teaching faculty focused on logistics and supply chain management.
Endowment: $1,500,000
Annual Support: $60,000

Endowed Fellowships

Our success has generated larger student enrollments and competition with other major universities for our faculty. Fellowships will enable us to attract and retain the very best faculty and incoming doctoral students to support continued student growth while becoming the top logistics program in the world.
Endowment: $1,000,000
Annual Support: $40,000

Logistics Systems Laboratory

Logistics and supply chain management depend on the ability to interpret and act on information. The laboratory provides the ability for logistics professionals to engage with students and faculty in exploring how new and emerging technologies will lead to high impact, innovative practices that will shape the future practice.
Endowment: $1,250,000
Annual Support: $50,000


Students rarely arrive at UNT identifying logistics as their major or professional pursuit. Scholarships provide a highly visible means to make students, and their parents, aware of the many opportunities in logistics and supply chain management. By obtaining the very best students, we can raise the educational experience to higher levels, and draw corporate recruiters from across North America to UNT.
Endowment: $750,000
Annual Support: $30,000

Engaging the Professional and Local Community

To be truly world-class, we must engage with logistics and business professionals from the very start through the completion of their careers. By engaging with individuals throughout their careers, we can profoundly affect and shape the logistics and supply chain profession which will enhance the reputation of the University of North Texas and the local business community.
Endowment: $500,000
Annual Support: $20,000

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