Capital Campaign: Center for Business Communication

The Center for Business Communication will help the College produce students whose written, verbal, and visual communications – from papers and resumes to PowerPoint presentations – are clear, well-structured, and persuasive. Strong communication skills are essential before students enter their internships or begin their new careers. Through the integration of written communication skills, presentation skills, video conferencing, and interpersonal skills, students will enrich their College of Business education, and seamlessly transition into the business community with an immediate positive impact. The center will be a vibrant addition to the academic part of the College of Business, adding case competitions, research papers, and communication development to expand the research base of leadership communication. A $5 million endowment would transition the center from concept to reality, provide for leadership and curriculum, and provide a forum for executives with the desire to educate students about industry best practices.

Areas of Impact

Center Director

This endowment will fund a full-time Center Director, who will design the communications curriculum, develop an executive conversation program, facilitate student recruitment training sessions and work with faculty to integrate communications skills into discipline-specific courses.
Endowment: $2,000,000
Annual Support: $80,000

Business Communications Lab

The Lab will be a state-of-the-art facility complete with sophisticated audio-visual equipment, video and audio recording equipment, mock video-conferencing, and fully-integrated audio-visual projection technologies to provide students with the opportunity to rehearse, record, and observe presentations and simulated meetings and facilitate coaching and development. Annual operating expenses will include lab monitors and graduate student coaches as well as supplies and materials.
Lab Construction: $500,000
Endowment: $2,500,000
Annual Support: $100,000

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