Capital Campaign: Graduate Studies in Executive Leadership

UNT's on-line MBA program is nationally ranked as a Best Buy by US News and World Report. A naming gift will accelerate achievement of our goal of our campus program becoming nationally ranked as well. A major gift of $10 million will allow us to hire a Corporate Relations Officer who will focus on marketing the program and placing our graduates. It will also allow us to enhance the recruitment of high-quality students through scholarships, provide an international corporate experience, and include executive mentoring and professional development.

Areas of Impact

Dean’s Executive Leadership Scholarships

To compete for high-quality students, 20 scholarships at $10,000/year would be offered to graduate students who will in turn enhance the quality of the program. Students may use the scholarships for their academic as well as international business experiences during their program.
Endowment: $5,000,000
Annual Support: $200,000

Corporate Relations Team

These funds will allow the college to hire a full-time Corporate Relations Officer whose duties will include developing relationships with corporate partners, facilitating an executive mentoring program, and recruiting and placing graduates.
Endowment: $3,000,000
Annual Support: $120,000

Operations and Communications

Monies from this fund will support operations of the program, including the activities of the Corporate Relations Officer described above as well as marketing the program.
Endowment: $2,000,000
Annual Support: $80,000

International Corporate Experiences

To help achieve the college’s goal for at least 50 percent of business students to have an international experience, this endowment will provide twenty student stipends for international corporate visits.
Endowment: $1,000,000
Annual Support: $40,000

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