Capital Campaign: Professional Leadership Program

The Professional Leadership Program represents a cooperative effort between the University of North Texas College of Business and corporate sponsors in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 1994. PLP's mission is to prepare exceptional students for business leadership by supplementing degree competencies with executive mentoring, corporate exposure, professional development and key business skills and values.

Through a $5 million gift of endowed support for the development of these competencies, a lecture series, and development workshops, PLP will have a major impact on the region, and will become a nationally recognized leadership development program bridging the gap between backpack and briefcase.

Areas of Impact

Strengthen Corporate Partnerships

Companies will host an on-site tour including Q &A with corporate executives. These companies, in turn, become partners with the College of Business and have an opportunity to host a company day on campus.
Endowment: $100,000
Annual Support: $4,000

Enhance Leadership Development Workshops

Executives and experts conduct a series of workshops based on strategic themes. Each session will build upon the preceding session leading up to a Keynote speaker who will facilitate a comprehensive wrap-up.
Endowment: $375,000
Annual Support: $15,000

Establish PLP Leadership Lecture Series

The series will bring a renowned speaker to address the subject of leadership to the UNT campus at large. PLP students will receive a special invitation to a Q&A session prior to the main address.
Endowment: $2,150,000
Annual Support: $86,000

Create International Corporate Visit Scholarships

PLP will partner with international firms to host 40 students at international headquarters while abroad, provide shadowing opportunities, C-suite mentoring, executive lectures, and in-depth country education.
Endowment: $1,250,000
Annual Support: $50,000

Increase Operational Support and Student Director Scholarships

To accommodate up to 500 students, PLP will hire 2 graduate assistants and up to 25 student directors to support desired growth of the program.
Endowment: $625,000
Annual Support: $25,000

Provide Technology and Equipment Enhancement

The purchase of mentoring software will eliminate manual entry and increase data matching speed to run reports that will connect areas of expertise and talent between students and mentors.
Endowment: $500,000
Annual Support: $20,000

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