Frequent Asked Questions

Can I save files to the hard drive?

You can save to some locations (C:/temp, My Documents) on the hard drive. You cannot save to the desktop. However, once the computer reboots, everything is cleared from the hard drive! If the computer freezes while you are working, for instance, you could lose your work. We recommend using your student storage space and saving frequently on multiple storage devices to avoid losing your work.

Why can't I use Task Manager?

Task Manager has been disabled for security purposes. If you experience difficulty with a program, you may have to restart the PC, however any work saved on the hard drive will be erased.

Can I check my email from the CoB labs?

Yes! You are welcome to use the Student Computer Labs to check your mail. To check your UNT email, log on to We do not support the use of Outlook or Outlook Express - your provider must have a web client.

When are the labs open?

Please see the Hours of Operation page.

Can I use IM to chat with my buddies in the lab?

No, you are not permitted to install any software of your own in the lab. If your IM provider has a web client, you may use that.

Can I burn CD's in the labs?

CoB's lab computers have CD-R/W drives. Students are can burn CD's using Windows built-in software. Writable or Rewriteable CD's can be bought at the UNT bookstore, electronic stores and online web sites.

I need to leave the lab for more than 10 minutes. Can I still stay checked in?

Please save your work and check out if you will be leaving for more than 10 minutes since there may be someone that needs to use a computer during that time. Lab attendants may check you out automatically if you are gone for more than 10 minutes.

Can a lab attendant help me with my work?

Lab attendants will be happy to assist you with general software related questions to the best of their ability. Lab attendants cannot help you with homework assignments. Students are expected to have basic knowledge of the software they are using from class instructions and are encouraged to use tutors when they are available and web help.

What time will the tutor be here?

Tutors are located in their rooms in the BLB136 suite area. They have their schedules posted in front of their rooms and some departments also post the schedules online. The tutors' departments know of their schedules and will also provide that to your professor.

I have to make a quick phone call. Can I use the phone in the lab?

The phones in the lab are for operation and emergency purposes. If you need to make a call, just use the nearest pay phone (on campus calls are free!).

If you have other questions, comments or suggestions, then kindly use the feedback page.