Lab Policies

Disclaimer: Students are responsible for understanding the lab policies. Only the Lab Manager may make exceptions to policies.

General Policies

  • All labs operate on a first-come-first-served basis. No reservations will be made for individual students. iCheckin is now available with your EUID and Password.
  • Only one student will be allowed per station so that all students may be provided a quiet, non-distracting atmosphere in which to work.
  • There will be absolutely no loud talking, smoking, chewing tobacco, eating, or drinking in the lab areas.
  • Students needing to work collaboratively with others must use any of the 16 available team/study rooms available in the BLB.
  • Cell Phones must be set on silent/vibrate mode or turned off prior to entering the lab areas. The student must step out of the lab to have a phone conversation.
  • Lab attendants will be happy to assist students needing assistance with “how-to” questions to the best of their knowledge related to all software on the lab stations. During busy lab hours, a lab attendant may not always be immediately available but will assist you as soon as they can.
    • Lab attendants may not touch the keyboard or mouse.
    • Students must use either the lab tutor or their instructors for assistance on classroom assignments.
    • The lab attendants cannot answer questions or solve problems directly related to homework assignments.

Regular Printing Policies

  • Lab Managers have the authority to restrict printing and/or lab access from any student who abuses printing policies.
  • Lab Managers have the authority to grant special printing requests.
  • Printing will be provided ONLY to UNT students as it relates to their course work.
    • Internet printing counts only as course work if the Lab Manager is made aware of the nature of the course from which the print job has been assigned.
    • Students are responsible for knowing how many pages an Internet document contains BEFORE the print job is executed.
    • Students are not allowed to make flyers or signs unless they are directly related to UNT course work. Proof is required.
  • A student is not allowed to make more than 20 pages of laser print per print job.
    • Printing should be limited to draft quality for document revisions.
    • Multiple copies of the same print job are not allowed.
    • Print jobs are considered the same if most of the original printed page is intact.
  • Large print jobs (i.e. thesis or dissertation) must be cleared with the Lab Manager and must be limited to one final copy.
    • Large print jobs should be printed during off-peak hours, evenings, or weekends.
    • Lab Managers will document printing policy abusers and share that information with other Lab Managers.
  • Students are encouraged to use double-sided printing. CoB Lab printers are set to print double-sided by default. Please ask a lab attendant for assistance changing the default settings.

Color Printing Policies

  • Only documents that will be turned in as class assignments should be printed in color; use black and white print option for draft copies.
  • Lab attendants may visually inspect any color print job which does not appear to meet academic needs. Non-academic print jobs will be recycled for inappropriate use of resources.
  • Only one copy of a document may be printed on the color printer. Students are encouraged to print a draft copy and carefully proof-read it for accuracy before printing with the color option.
  • Only PowerPoint presentations with a white background color may be printed on the color printer.
  • Pages with solid-color backgrounds may not be printed on the color printer.
  • Web pages may not be printed on the color printer.
  • Print Jobs larger than 20 pages will be rejected. Students should print in 20 page increments, or smaller.