Internships and Placement

Do you know the advantages of completing an internship? Let’s list a few. Employers prefer to hire graduates who’ve gained hands-on experience related to their major. Internships extend your classroom learning into a real-world setting. Internships provide you with an opportunity to reinforce your choice of major and career path. Internships allow you to gain practical experience and transferable skills by working in a professional environment. Internships give you a competitive advantage in the job market because of the knowledge and skills you develop in the position. Internships help you develop a network of professional contacts in your career field. Internships provide insight into your future career. In this presentation Brian Hirsch will be providing an overview of the internship searching process including: Qualifications to intern, Process for applying for internships for credit, Where the opportunities are, and How to use Handshake and LinkedIn to navigate job openings.

Friday, September 3rd - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
Brian Hirsch, Ed.D.

Senior Associate Director, Ryan College of Business Career Center

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Dr. Brian Hirsch is the Senior Associate Director for the UNT Career Center in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, as well as an Adjunct Faculty. Dr. Hirsch is a proven leader in career services and higher education with over twenty years of experience in diverse roles. His responsibilities have included expanding recruiter bases, creating increased opportunities for placement, career advisement, oversight and coordination of on-campus recruitment, employer relations, job and program development, student retention, teaching, leadership development, outcomes assessment, producing publications, marketing, supervision and budget management.

Dr. Hirsch has extensive involvement with student affairs including leadership development, Greek Life, Student Activities, Student Retention, and Drug Education and Prevention.