Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

What is the difference between an MS and MBA?

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree provides a broad base of business knowledge, whereas a Master’s of Science (MS) degree provides more concentrated coursework within a student’s chosen field of study.

What if I don’t want my supervisor to know I’m planning to leave my job to return to school?

If you do not wish your supervisor to know you are applying to graduate school, you will need to provide other professional recommendations. You might contact past employers, colleagues within your firm, or even customers.

Can general letters of recommendations be used or do recommendations need to be on the UNT form?

General letters will be accepted provided that the recommendation is signed, dated, and on company or university letterhead. In submitting recommendations, you may use our approved form or a letter, but please send one or the other, not both.

Do I need to send all the materials together as one package?

No. While the application will not be reviewed for admission consideration until all of the materials are received, you can begin sending application materials as they are completed.

Is a business major or certain business classes required for admission into the program?

Prior business study is not required for the MBA or MS programs. You will need to have your transcripts evaluated and may be assessed with up to 18 hours of background coursework (up to 39 hours total for Accounting) in addition to the hours required for your intended degree.

Why is a resume requested?

The resume allows you the opportunity to communicate the nature of your professional experiences as well as major work-related accomplishments. The College of Business utilizes a holistic review process, in which work experience comprises one of many factors considered.

Does the College of Business require a minimum number of years of work experience?

No. While there is no specified minimum and a portion of our admitted students transition directly from their undergraduate programs into a master’s degree, most students fall into the 2-10 year range. The average for the MBA program is typically about 5 years.

I am about to graduate from college now. What are my chances for admission?

About 10% of the students in the MBA Program are admitted directly from college. These students have usually demonstrated exceptional academic ability through test scores and past grades, and have meaningful internship and part-time work experiences.

How does the College of Business evaluate applications?

The admissions committee reviews all applications utilizing a holistic review process. Factors taken into consideration include: GPA, GMAT scores, work history, personal essay, letters of recommendation, transcript review for applicable coursework, and ability to handle challenging, graduate-level academic work.


Where can I get more information about the GMAT?

You can learn more about GMAT, view sample test questions, and register for the test at

Is there a minimum score requirement for the GMAT?

Our admitted students’ average GMAT scores vary by semester from 520 to 550. All applications received by the College of Business will be considered, but acceptance into a degree program is a competitive process. Higher scores enhance your likelihood of admission. Two candidates with the same GMAT score may have different admission outcomes because of their past academic record, work experience, etc.

If I take the GMAT more than once, which scores will be considered?

The College of Business will consider your highest GMAT score.

If I already have an advanced degree, will the GMAT be required?

A waiver of the GMAT will be considered for applicants who have an earned doctoral or professional doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution, or its equivalent. A waiver of the GMAT will be considered for applicants who have an earned master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, or its equivalent, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher on the master’s degree. Certain programs may have departmental admission requirements mandating submission of additional materials including standardized test scores.

I haven’t taken the GMAT but want to take classes. What are my options?

The Toulouse Graduate School admits students on a graduate non-degree (GNDE) basis. This option is open to US citizens and permanent residents who meet minimum GPA requirements. The GNDE classification allows you to take up to 12 hours of 5000-level graduate coursework before being officially admitted to a graduate program. Once you have taken the GMAT and meet the entrance standards, you may change your major from GNDE to the appropriate MBA or MS program. All GNDE students must make an advising appointment prior to registering in their first semester. Contact a College of Business Graduate Academic Counselor ( for further information.

Do you offer prep courses for the GMAT?

We do offer a GMAT Bootcamp, which is typically offered at the beginning of each term. In addition, the Learning Center offers exam minicourses. Visit their website at You might also check your local bookstore and library for study guides. The Graduate Programs Office has a list of resources for the GMAT at:

Degree Plan

When should I file a degree plan?

Degree Plans should be filed within your first semester of enrollment. To file a degree plan, contact your departmental advisor to set an appointment. You should receive an official copy of your degree plan in the mail approximately five weeks after meeting with your departmental advisor. Students who fail to file a degree plan within their first semester may be blocked from future registrations.

How do I file my degree plan?

You will need to schedule an appointment with your departmental advisor. The advisor will help you select the courses for your concentration/major and fill out a degree plan worksheet. Your advisor will then forward the worksheet to the Graduate Programs Office (BLB 201) for completion. A finalized copy will be mailed to your home address.

Program Selection/Coursework Offered

Does the College of Business offer any online MBA or MS programs?

Yes. The College of Business offers several 100% online MBA programs. Through these programs, students complete their background, MBA core, and concentration courses in an online format. Visit for more information.

If I am not in a 100% online MBA program, can I still register for online courses?

Yes. However, during the first two weeks of early registration, online students are given priority to online courses. After this two week time period, all students are able to register for online courses. Note: Only students paying out-of-state tuition may register for out-of-state course sections. No exceptions to this policy are made.

Does the College of Business offer any Graduate Certificates?

No. The College of Business discontinued all Graduate Academic Certificate programs in Fall 2015.

Do you offer any classes at the UNT Dallas Campus?

UNT Dallas is now a separate campus from UNT Denton. Any coursework taken at UNT Dallas requires students to apply for admission to UNT Dallas and classes will be considered transfer coursework for any UNT Denton MBA or MS program. Transfer coursework is subject to approval by your departmental advisor.

Registration Problems

Have you cleared your Student Financial Obligation hold?

Prior to the start of each registration period, all students have a Student Financial Obligation hold placed on their account that must be cleared in order to register. To clear the hold, log into your MyUNT account, click on the Student Center/Register tab, and click on the holds link on the right side of the screen. Read the Finance agreement. Choose agree/confirm.

Have you filed your degree plan?

Students failing to complete their degree plan in a timely manner may be blocked from registration. To file your degree plan, contact your departmental advisor.

Are you on probation or suspension?

You may be allowed to register during regular registration upon clearance from the Graduate Programs Office. Please contact our office at (940) 369-8977.

Are you a Graduate Non-Degree Seeking (GNDE) student?

Contact the Graduate Programs Office (940) 369-8977 to be cleared for registration. Graduate Non-Degree Seeking students must be cleared for registration each semester. Please have your UNT student ID number ready when calling.