Integrated Business Case Competition - Testimonials

The Business Policy course really set me up for success in the professional world. As a recent UNT alumnus, I find myself utilizing many of the topics covered in the course. The course provided me with the theory and most importantly the application of the theory that strengthened my skill-set and gave me the ability to stay confident as well as competitive in the finance industry.

Cameron McDonald
B.B.A. Financial Services, May 2010
Tax Analyst – Corporate Finance
Lincoln Financial Group

The Integrated Business Case Competition prepares you for the real business challenges of working with interdepartmental teams, and the human dynamics that are present in the business world today. You need effective communication amongst team members, collaboration on strategic direction and you must rely on team members to complete their assigned tasks. The situations presented in this competition are directly in line with the challenges of business today.

John Laplante
B.B.A. Entrepreneurship Strategic Management, May 1997
Senior Director IT Development
Accor North America