Laundris Digital Linen Services

Laundris Digital Linen Services

Laundris Corporation has shared great news about their company last week. Laundris was awarded a contract by the City of Austin to provide emergency laundry/linen services for the City of Austin Emergency Response team. The contract provides laundry/linen services for residents of local emergency response centers.

These emergency response centers house residents of the local community who were in shelters, homeless, etc. Laundris is also assisting the city to further support a level III response center. Individuals in these facilities have underlying health conditions that if exposed to COVID-19, could possibly place a run on the Austin local healthcare system. The individuals must be referred to the center by a sponsoring entity. They are tested twice a day for COVID-19 and follow safety precautions to lower risk of exposure. Laundris’ initial facility (Prolodge 1) houses up to 110 individuals or families and their team scaled within a matter of days to meet the demands.

Laundris received the award to provide the laundry/linen services along with tracking capabilities. With their signed agreement, there is the possibility of adding rooms and/or locations in the future. Their tracking component provides software to the City of Austin free of charge. This is an example of finding applicable opportunities & use cases during the pandemic.

Their vision is helping to reduce labor and linen costs by utilizing their digital inventory and asset management platform. In the new economy, streamlining linen operations with precision technology and having a central dashboard for tracking purposes will be top of mind going forward for multiple industries. In addition to their initial goal of servicing hotel and corporate accounts, they are now exploring additional opportunities to provide tracking capabilities for Emergency Response Centers, Healthcare, and the Military.

“I am honored that Laundris played a role in serving the needs of our community during these difficult times. I also look forward to exploring how Laundris can solve problems and pursue non-conventional models that come about in our new economy,” said Don Ward, CEO of Laundris.

The Laundris team is doubling down and looking for growth opportunities. Any contacts interested in utilizing their services and software or wanting more information on their offerings can email the Murphy Center at to receive details on connecting with Laundris.