FEI job shadowing program gives students inside perspective

Each spring, the Dallas Chapter of the Financial Executives Institute (FEI) invites UNT students to follow in the footsteps of local executives. This “Financial Executive Experience” gives students an inside perspective of what it is like to be in a senior-level position – and this year, ten UNT accounting and finance students were welcomed to participate.

The three-part program involved an etiquette dinner, a day of job shadowing, and an evening of networking at the local Dallas chapter meeting in April. Christian Sutanto, accounting major graduating in 2019, was partnered with executive vice president and chief financial officer of T-System, Paul Miller.

Sutanto learned, first hand, about the day-to-day operations of a CFO, while also getting to meet with other high-level officers and controllers of the company.

“I just wish was more than one day,” said Sutanto, who appreciated the opportunity to network and learn about life outside of the classroom.