UNT Gamma Iota Sigma students attend annual RIMS conference

Eleven UNT Gamma Iota Sigma students embarked on the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to the Dallas-Fort Worth Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) chapter. RIMS, dedicated to supporting students through grants, scholarships, and professional outreach efforts, helped sponsor the group’s attendance at the national RIMS conference in Philadelphia this past April. 

For some students like Javier Herrera, class of ’18 mathematics major, this was the first time they had been given the opportunity to travel outside of Texas. Prior to the conference, Herrera had never been on a plane before, let alone immersed in a national industry-leading networking event.  

The conference featured three days of enlightening sessions and inspiring speakers, giving students eye-opening perspectives to grow both personally, and professionally. Sarah How, UNT mathematics major graduating in December, went to the conference hoping to identify potential employment opportunities, but in turn received much more than she expected.

Less than a week after returning home from Philadelphia, How got word that she was chosen to be an intern at Century Golf Partners. “The conference gave me the chance to learn how to better market myself and the skills I’ve learned in school,” said How, who continued on to explain that meeting the Century Golf director of risk management was what helped her secure the position. “As a student, going to this conference was an invaluable experience, and I’m grateful that so many professionals are just as excited about my future as I am.”
The conference left all eleven students reinvigorated and inspired for their futures in the insurance industry, and UNT is honored to partner with RIMS to make these transformative experiences possible.