UNT College of Business ranks among top 100 business schools

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The UNT College of Business has earned a spot amongst the University of Texas Dallas (UTD) Top 100 Business School Research Rankings list for its contributions to marketing research—positioning itself above renowned universities such as Purdue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The UTD Naveen Jindal School of Management developed the list to track publications within twenty-four of the most premier business journals. In doing so, the database has become an elite list of schools leading the way in research since 1990, based on the total number of articles published by faculty.
Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Blair Kidwell was responsible for the two focal publications that resulted in the College of Business’ new rank on the UTD list.  These included “Emotional Ability and Associative Learning: How Experiencing and Reasoning about Emotions Impacts Evaluative Conditioning” and “Happy Wife, Happy Life: Food Choices in Romantic Relationships,” which he co-authored with Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Virginie Lopez-Kidwell.
Both of Kidwell’s articles were published in the Journal of Consumer Research and focused on finding new and more effective ways to improve the quality of consumer choices, specifically in the area of unhealthy eating habits. Through his research, he developed scales to measure emotional abilities of consumers and more recently, created a training program to help people develop emotional skills that will improve their decision making.
These quality contributions have enabled UNT to be listed as a top contributor to marketing research, ultimately enhancing the college’s image to help doctoral candidates earn better placements.