Newly designated STEM degree programs bring added value to the college and its students

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recently approved changes to the classification of instructional programs code for two UNT degrees housed within the G. Brint Ryan College of Business: the Bachelor of Science degree in business computer information systems and the Master of Science degree in finance.

Effective August 2020, all undergraduate degrees offered within the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences will now hold STEM designations—a strong indicator of the programs’ quality and rigor.

“Being STEM designated makes it clear that the Bachelor of Science in Business Computer Information Systems at UNT’s Ryan College of Business is a highly technical degree focused on solving IT problem for business organizations,” said Information Technology and Decision Sciences Department Chair Leon Kappelman. 

Master’s students pursing finance degrees will also benefit from the reclassification, beginning as early as fall 2019.

The objective of the finance program at UNT is to prepare and train students to be financial specialists who can plan and analyze the financial and monetary aspects and performance of investment firms, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and other financial organizations. As it stands, the program requires extensive coursework in STEM related topics, as it builds a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics and data analytics.

“Our faculty have found that the STEM based content and rigor of our program match, if not exceed, the STEM designated finance programs at other Tier 1 schools,” said Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law Chair Marcia Staff. “Achieving STEM designation reaffirms our commitment to providing a sound curriculum to our students, which will bring added value to their degree.”

These additional STEM designations will give the college the ability to attract better talent, in both student and faculty recruitment.

For international students, the categorization as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program by the U.S. federal government, provides graduates with the eligibility to work for 36 months under the Optional Practical Training program, instead of the usual 12 months for graduates of non-STEM degrees.

The full list of UNT Ryan College of Business STEM-designated degrees now includes:

  • BBA in Business Analytics
  • BS in Business Computer Information Systems (effective August 2020)
  • MS in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MS in Finance (effective August 2019)