Senior Andrew Cobos celebrates milestone with surprise ceremony


  This spring, marketing major Andrew Cobos nearly missed the most meaningful moment in his academic career–his college graduation.

Scheduled to be out of state competing at the Conference USA Outdoor Track Championship, Cobos was devastated to learn he couldn't walk across the stage and accept his hard-earned degree alongside his peers.

A little help from girlfriend Rebecca Smith, and some supportive UNT faculty and staff, gave him the opportunity for something even better though.

Entering the tunnel of the UNT Coliseum on May 8, Cobos was surprised by more than a dozen familiar faces and the commemorative melody of Pomp and Circumstance. Clinching signs of encouragement and ear-to-ear smiles, Cobos’ family filled the room with immense pride as he was handed his cap and gown and led to his seat in front of the stage.

Not only was Cobos a dedicated student and exceptional athlete, but he also became a first-generation college graduate on May 8—making history, and memories, for his family.

On May 11, the scheduled day of his graduation, Cobos continued to make his family and college proud at his championship meet. He went on to earn first place in the preliminary round of the 1500 meter run, and fourth place overall.

While Cobos crossed two milestone finish lines in one week, we expect there will be many more to come in his future.