Lindsey Cook recognized as 2020 Student Property Management Scholar

2021 real estate major Lindsey Cook has turned her lifelong passion for property management into a winning achievement.
Recently honored as UNT’s 2020 Student Property Management Scholar, Cook’s hard work in the classroom has earned her a spot at The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Global Summit in October.
“Earning the title of UNT’s 2020 Student Property Management Scholar is an absolute honor... The real estate program at UNT has greatly prepared me for a lifetime of success and opportunity in the industry. To me, this is a chance to represent a program much larger than myself and showcase what the real estate program has to offer to other up-and-coming industry professionals,” said Cook.
The IREM Global Summit serves as a governance and education event aimed to inspire real estate professionals through panels and presentations from experts in the industry.
“I see it as an amazing networking opportunity to be mentored by well-seasoned professionals and form professional connections that I will carry with me throughout my career in real estate,” said Cook.
In addition to earning the title of this year’s UNT Student Property Management Scholar, Cook also worked alongside her peers to earn a top spot in this year’s IREM case competition.
The IREM case competition serves to involve undergraduate students in practical real estate experiences to help them gain insight into the property management profession. This year, teams were tasked with researching and analyzing a 77,000 square foot retail property in the DFW metroplex, to seek opportunities for areas of improvement.
Working together with Vianei Ponce, Nathan Grove, Joshua Allen, Connor Opheij, and alternate, Synthia Feijen, Cook contributed her expertise in property management and marketing to the team. Between two months of meetings and sixty hours of research, they were able to take home second place.
“It was truly an amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such intelligent and dedicated peers,” commented Cook.
Cook has worked her way through college as a property manager and has already built herself a strong resume as a full-time student. Her long-term goals involve becoming a real estate broker and owning her own integrity-driven property management company.
“There have been many professors who lit the path for my success at UNT, but Dr. John Baen has ultimately made the biggest impact... He has truly done everything he can to put opportunities for growth in front of myself and other students who are willing to meet it with the work ethic it requires,” explained Cook. “I would not be where I am today without the leadership and opportunities presented to me by Dr. Baen.”