Accounting for perfection

Fall 2020 accounting major Hope Trautwein knows all about assets, both in the classroom and off the field.

On April 11, Trautwein made history when she stepped off the pitcher's mound without a single ball hitting a bat from the opposing team, Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

Technically, Trautwein had thrown a perfect game—one where the pitcher prevents any players from touching a base—but this game was more than perfect. In fact, there is not a name for such a perfect game.

Every opponent Trautwein faced in the batter’s box was met with a strike. Twenty-one strikes in seven innings.

Only two other pitchers have been documented by the NCAA as serving up twenty-one strikeouts from the mound in a seven-inning game, but Trautwein is the first to couple that feat with a perfect game.

In addition to her newly established D1 NCAA record, Trautwein is also perfecting her time in the classroom. As a former accounting scholar—a program designed to prepare UNT’s highest-achieving scholars for a successful professional career in accounting—she is proving that accountants can truly do just about anything.

Trautwein is currently pursing her MBA at the G. Brint Ryan College of Business and we know she will keep her eyes on the ball and in the books. We look forward to Trautwein's continued pursuits of perfection both on and off the field.