93% of accounting students land job offers following spring internships

UNT accounting students are well aware that internships are a key component to landing a full-time job offer.

Many accounting firms test out the potential of entry-level job recruits through their internship programs, which is why the G. Brint Ryan College of Business does everything it can to get its students in the door early.

104 UNT accounting students participated in spring internships this year, and 93% of those students were offered a full-time job offer with the firm where they interned. Of the 26 students who interned with big four firms, all received job offers, while 70 of the 75 students interning with mid-market and regional firms were offered a permanent position.

93% placement is impressive in its own right—but coupling that feat with the added challenge of standing out in a new and unfamiliar workplace while operating remotely is even more notable.

Valerie Valerian,
​​​​​​​BS/MS accounting student​​​​​​​

“The most challenging part of the internship was probably having to learn and adjust to a new experience in a remote environment, while missing the in-person experiences and human connections within the office,” recalled Valerie Valerian, BS/MS accounting student.

Valerian interned with Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and used all resources given to feel connected and successful in the workplace. Among other things, Valerian “learned how to build a network and be adaptable and flexible within a virtual environment.”

“The internship allowed me to apply what I learned from my UNT accounting courses in a professional setting and helped me gain a whole new perspective of business acumen, digital acumen, and soft skills that will prepare me for my future endeavors,” continued Valerian.

In addition to working virtually, the winter storm that hit Texas in February threw another curve ball at interns like MS taxation student Nadeera Samaraweera.

Nadeera Samaraweera,
MS taxation student

“The first week of the internship was challenging because we had no power and no internet due to the winter storm… I got so nervous, as I was concerned that I would not be able to catch up with the other interns,” explained Samaraweera. “I spent additional hours on the weekends and some early mornings catching up on what I missed in the first week.”

Samaraweera’s extra effort paid off when she received an offer from Grant Thornton before mid-June—six months away from her anticipated graduation date. 

Not only did Samaraweera receive a valuable job offer form Grant Thornton, the sixth largest accounting and auditing firm in the world, but she also received Becker review materials—a premier resource for accountants prepping for the CPA exam.

“The most significant help I received from the Grant Thornton internship was getting access to Becker review materials for free, six months in advance of my graduation. As a mother of two kids, studying for the CPA exam while working full-time will be challenging, but now I believe I will be able to complete all four parts of the exam before I start working.”