Study Abroad program builds worldly business perspective 

entire group on daytrip to Cliffs of Moher.jpg
Study Abroad students pose for a photo with Associate Dean
​​​​​​​Tracy Dietz on the Cliffs of Moher.

Ten Ryan College of Business students are spending eight weeks in Ireland as part of a hybrid faculty-led Study Abroad program and international internship.

The students are able to learn and work in Ireland as part of the uniquely designed program that incorporates both academic learning and international internship placements, with the added bonus of organized cultural immersion events and travel. Traveling to locations such as Belfast, Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna, Milan, Venice and Paris during their 2-month stay will open up doors and expand horizons.
The program was designed by Associate Dean Tracy Dietz to enable students to complete a full 12-hour course load over the summer. While the program allows students to complete an entire semester’s worth of credits, it does much more than that. Fewer than 1% of students in the US participate in a study abroad program, and fewer than 10% of those complete an international internship. This experience is truly inimitable and sets students apart from their peers when they graduate and interview for career positions.
While in Dublin, the students completed a Special Topics course in International Business that requires them to apply academic perspectives to their hands-on experience in the international work environment, plus a global leadership course through Fairfield University.
UNT has partnered with Global Experiences, a company that specializes in internship placements around the world. Ryan students are among more than 80 students living at University College-Dublin and working in full-time internships in Dublin.
During the Spring semester, students completed the Strengths Finder Assessment and met with career coaches who helped them develop their goals and identify potential placements. While the internship placements are varied and related to student major and career goals as well as their Strengths Finders Assessment results, most are in small companies where they are getting a broad range of experience and given the opportunity to take lead roles during their internship.
One student is helping to develop and administer marketing surveys. Another is conducting audits of HR files and assisting with interviewing and hiring decisions in a private school offering IB curriculum around the globe. One student is developing the social media presence for a B2B firm specializing in AI and other digital support to medical firms. Another is helping to develop marketing campaigns for the new non-alcoholic Guinness 0.0 and helping with the launch of White Claw into the bar and pub industry in Ireland.  One of our logistics majors was tasked with pricing for shipments and handling international customs for shipments headed for various destinations primarily throughout Europe.
According to GE, this program, which combines internship placements with faculty led academic guidance, is the first of its kind through their organization. This program will surely be a life-changing experience for many of them, but funding is needed to ensure it remains an opportunity for Ryan College of Business students. With funding redirected toward other priorities while the program was put on pause during COVID, it is now more important than ever to support this crucial intiative. 

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