HR Student Spotlights

Allison Nguyen-01.png
Allison Nguyen

Allison Nguyen comes from Dallas, Texas, pursuing an education and career in HR with a heart for people and a clear goal to produce compelling work. She practices valuable skills in her studies and career with Toyota Industries Commercial Finance. She currently works as their HR Coordinator where, among other duties, she owns the New Hire Experience, ensuring that every new hire feels welcomed, valued, and equipped for success. She also discovered the abundant paths available in HR, including the flexibility of being a generalist or the freedom to pursue specializations like recruiting, benefits, and onboarding. Allison highly encourages students and professionals alike to explore all that HR has to offer in order to find their niche.

While HR is often misconstrued as a wholly data and compliance based industry, Allison believes that courteous efforts– such as taking the time to welcome a new hire on their first day– are what truly helps workplace environments to thrive. Genuine gestures help employees to recognize their individual talents: “every action matters”! Allison views the lasting impact she had with Toyota Industries as her greatest professional accomplishment. Her peers and supervisors vouch for her trustworthiness, ability to foster a comforting work environment, and commitment to going above and beyond.

Down the road, Allison aims to be an HR Business Partner and help align an organization’s “people strategy” with their “business strategy”. She advises others to cultivate lasting
relationships both in and out of the classroom, especially in our hybrid digital age. Building connections, whether through GroupMe, LinkedIn, or email opens up countless opportunities for us to learn from each other!


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Hayley Dial

Hayley Dial came to UNT from Frisco, Texas, finding herself drawn to HR’s stable, yet demanding environment. She finds that HR is centered around the idea of being comfortable with the uncomfortable and supporting peers, and openly embraces the challenges that come with it. UNT’s HR program offered Hayley many opportunities to learn skills applicable to the workplace– she highlights her Public Speaking and Professional Writing course as one of the most influential classes in her studies. This course helped Hayley to present and dictate negative news professionally, two vital skills that she carried on into her internship and career.

As the current Director of Development for UNT SHRM, Hayley takes the lead on community service and fundraising. She is enthusiastic about presenting new ideas to her team and continued support for Denton! Two years with SHRM have taught Hayley to get involved, network with professors and peers, and join campus organizations, all of which she encourages other HR students to do as well.

This March, Hayley interned for the manufacturer company Hilti North America as a Talent Acquisition Intern. During her time there, she worked under the University Relations Team on multiple strategic projects, all of which were accepted and are still being implemented as Hayley completes her senior year. She reflects on the internship program as a solid opportunity to exercise creativity in a workplace setting and form independent ideas. Hilti also supported Hayley’s journey by exposing her to the different angles of HR. She was encouraged to speak with several colleagues who offered advice and stories. These repeated successes paid off–
Hayley was offered a full-time position in Hilti’s HR department and will begin in January of 2023, a new chapter she is eagerly looking forward to. In the future, Hayley aspires to work her way up to being the VP of HR for a company she has been affiliated with long-term.


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Amra Zametica

Amra Zametica is a first generation college student, hailing from Dallas, Texas. As an academic trailblazer, she views her high grades as one of her greatest accomplishments. Amra has also shown prowess in the HR field by rising to the ranks of Director of Community Relations this Fall, coordinating community organizations and developing strategies to give back to the community. She finds that her time there– both as a member and a leader– enriched her knowledge of HR practices and helped her confidence to grow. SHRM also allowed her to interact with professionals and practice effective teamwork, a fundamental element of successful HR relations.

Amra’s experience working in retail inspired her to pursue HR at UNT. As someone who enjoys a challenge, she felt driven to create a welcoming environment, create meaningful change, and help organizations to grow. Working in HR programs taught Amra the importance of communication– having a genuine desire to reach out and help others is a necessity. She also cites problem-solving skills as a crucial part of keeping employees and patrons satisfied and companies operative.

Currently, Amra is searching for a Fall internship and opportunities to grow in the HR field. In the future, she looks forward to coming home everyday with the knowledge that she did something right for her peers.Amra encourages future HR students to join SHRM and make connections. Although it may seem nerve-wracking, the benefits of speaking and learning with others is rewarding!