About PLP

PLP and its partners strive to equip members with the professional skills needed to navigate the “real world.” Members will develop skills that will make the transition from college to the work force an enjoyable and smooth experience. PLP will provide weekly workshops, networking opportunities and executive mentors in order to adequately meet our goal of taking students from “backpack to briefcase.”


Many things set us apart from others – prestige, networking, mentoring opportunities with top executives and hands-on leadership experiences. Most important, facilitators of programs are top notch leaders in their area, thus providing weekly opportunities to meet and network with business professionals in DFW. In addition, PLP is the only entity on campus that provides full preparation for the professional workforce by partnering with companies and organizations in the DFW area. Who better to learn from than the pros themselves?

Return on Investment

PLP assists in the transition “from backpack to briefcase” by providing exposure to skills needed in preparation for life after college. Members benefit from this program by getting education beyond the classroom, meeting business contacts across the United States, gaining applied professional leadership experience, developing as a community leader and improving soft skills—all of which give added market value upon graduation. The opportunities provided are endless and will allow members to meet people one never dreamed of meeting. Employers seek students who have fully completed PLP because they are socially prepared for the workforce and only need to focus on the aspects of the job at hand.

The PLP Commitment

PLP requires a commitment of a full academic year and approximately 5-6 hours per month at PLP events. PLP is an extracurricular program which consists of weekly mandatory and elective programs that members attend to fulfill the obligations outlined for them. However, members are encouraged to attend as many programs as possible to maximize opportunities as a member. In addition, members are expected to meet with their executive mentor at least 6 times throughout the year.


The PLP member is a unique person from all majors on campus. Members are dedicated self-starters and self-motivators who are looking for something that sets them apart from other job-seeking graduates. They are business and music majors, athletes, members of SGA and graduate students—you name it, we have it!

The Bottom Line

PLP is free of charge thanks to our generous corporate and community donors and sponsors. Members receive thousands of dollars worth of corporate training at no expense and will be more marketable upon graduation.