Dear Facilitator:

Thank you for your consideration of presenting materials to our exceptional UNT PLP students this coming academic year! As a leader in your field, the information you provide in your presentation will bring to our students a new and very important perspective for them to consider as they make their way to the end of a strong educational journey into the “real world.”

The Professional Leadership Program was created in 1994 by a former dean of the UNT G. Brint Ryan College of Business, who, through extensive research, discovered that the UNT graduates were excellent in their area of concentration academically, and extraordinarily strong in their work ethic, but lacked the knowledge and understanding of corporate culture. By imparting your wisdom, you help bridge the gap between the two, and as a supplement to the ongoing mentoring they receive from their mentors in the professional business world, bring to life our tag line “the leadership edge.”

Our graduates face a very fast changing and complex business environment, and your insights and experiences are invaluable in our mission. So, in order to maximize the overall PLP experience for all of our stakeholders, we have developed the resources available to you here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are honored you are willing to make this commitment to our students.


Mardon Navalta, Curriculum Committee Chair
Billy Johnson, PLP Director
Rachel Cleveland, PLP Assistant Director