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Md Rasel Al


Dr. Md Rasel Al Mamun is a Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences at the University of North Texas. He holds a BSc and MS in physics from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a Ph.D. in Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas. His research interests include emerging technologies, privacy and security, human-computer interaction, and business analytics.  His educational background and industry experience in banking grow his interests to explore IT mediated facilities and threats in finance, economics, marketing, and overall in society.

Dr. Mamun is interested to provide instructions on a wide range of topics both for undergraduate and graduate including business analytics, business statistics, business intelligence, programming language, Database management, networking technology, and cybersecurity.

Prior to his Ph.D. career, Dr. Mamun worked in a commercial bank in Bangladesh for 6 years. His extensive working experience in general banking, credit, and IT division in the banking industry furnished him with the skills in customer service, data security & data analytics techniques, operation of information systems tools, and knowledge about functions of different business organizations.