Matt Buckley

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"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Title: Vice President, Cargo & Charters

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for generating ancillary revenue through the effective sales and support of Cargo and Charter services. Oversee the development and implementation of programs to support the department's pursuit of operational excellence and achieving performance goals.

EXPERIENCE: SWA Since 1982 --- Ramp Agent-MAF; Ops Agent-MAF and SFO; Marketing Representative-East Bay; Manager of Cargo-Ground Operations; Cargo Marketing Manager-Marketing; General Manager of Cargo; Director of Cargo; Director of Cargo and Mail; Director Cargo, Mail & Central Baggage Services; Senior Director System Support-Ground Operations; Senior Director Marketing Planning-Media Advertising ; Senior Director Stations; Senior Director Cargo and Operational Excellence Programs; Senior Director Cargo & Charters-Vice President, Cargo and Charters

EDUCATION: BS General Studies; West Texas State University

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST:  35 years-this year!

FIRST PAYING JOB: Paper boy - Amarillo Globe News

PROUDEST MOMENT: The day I married Gretchen

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Inspect what you expect (emphasized with a Texas twang).

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Keep your eyes open for opportunities to help others in the workplace. It may just be the single most important reason for your existence that day, month or year!