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Principal Lecturer and 2019 UNT Foundation Lecturer of the Year

Mr. Sexton is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Management. He worked in retail operations for eighteen years (seven years as a buyer), and five years managing a Family Office (trust). Though the majority of his Industry experience is in Operations and Marketing, his degrees are in Human Resource Management. Mr. Sexton teaches eleven different courses to include Managing the Business Enterprise, Business Strategy Integration, Family Business, Foundations in Entrepreneurship, Honors Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Advanced Entrepreneurship, International Management, Management Concepts, Communicating in Business, and Special Problems in Management.  


Classrooms offer unique opportunities for growth.  For students, individual perspectives can be refined. For instructors, it can be a stimulating environment consisting of innovative ways to share knowledge. As an instructor, I work to capitalize on the opportunities available within the learning environment. I am conscious to ensure that each student ends the semester with an enhanced perspective of the content and a greater appreciation for the value of learning.  Underlying my intention to make the most of each class meeting are two core goals:  (1) to promote a positive learning environment for all students, and (2) to provide a foundation that stimulates a passion for lifelong learning.


Mr. Sexton has taught right at 11,140+ students at UNT as a Principal Lecturer. He is comfortable with large face-to-face and online classes while interacting with students, mixing lecture modes, and treating all with respect and dignity, while maintaining high standards and order. In 2001, he began designing, creating, and delivering on-line (web- based) content using WebCT Campus Edition©, WebCT Vista©, Blackboard Vista©, Blackboard Learn©, and Canvas© Learning Management Systems (LMS) platforms. He was one of the first instructors at UNT to incorporate video conferencing technology and multiple locations (3) broadcasting into classrooms. Out of fairness, he alternated broadcast locations to provide all students face-to-face time with the instructor.

Mr. Sexton regularly uses Turning-point Technologies (clickers), Skype© classroom conferencing, Story Board exercises for problem identification and product innovation, “Flipping the Classroom” since 2001, and has required Pecha Kucha presentations in the classroom since 2009. He currently teaches freshmen students in the BUSI 1340 Managing the Business Enterprise course as part of the University’s discovery core. BUSI 1340 courses sections regularly reach near 200 students each.


Mr. Sexton has influenced pedagogy and course design in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy Integration, Management Concepts, Business Communication, and Family Business. He seeks out best practices, implements changes quickly, and provides resources for others. He holds copyrights on dozens of illustrations and diagrams, written several case studies for class use, illustrated a Business Communication textbook, and designed the Family Business and Build a Business I courses from scratch. Mr. Sexton has completed dozens of course revisions, both for face-to-face and on-line delivery. Future plans include finding funding and creating an Entrepreneurship lab for students. 


Mr. Sexton currently co-mentors twelve (12) new UNT faculty members as part of the Provost’s initiative. He has developed eight faculty to deliver study abroad programs and serves as a resource for other faculty across campus. Mr. Sexton has mentored 100’s of undergraduate students, supervised 15+ doctoral students and new faculty learning to teach.

He has provided oversight of MGMT 3820 Management Concepts since 2008 and MGMT 3850 Entrepreneurship since 2013. This entails establishing course goals and objectives, syllabi templates and course schedules, textbook selection, creating grading rubrics, and meeting with doctoral students and new faculty on a regular basis. He works to resolve on-line delivery specific issues as they arise. Mr. Sexton also conducted a seminar on “On-line Course Delivery Assessment and Security” for the college in August 2014.

During the last three years, Mr. Sexton has conducted Entrepreneurship workshops for 400+ students at Dallas Hillcrest High School. He works closely with the Professional Leadership Program in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business and is currently mentoring nine undergraduate students on special projects. There are plans to visit Hillcrest High School again in 2021.


Since 2008, Mr. Sexton has specialized in student study abroad programs to Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, and the Mediterranean. Programs center on the idea of an International Business trip with the purpose of introducing students to corporate leaders of International firms to discuss global strategy and marketing, define customer value proposition, and measure value-chain activities.

Training tends to be short term, while development infers lifelong learning. This is why we teach life and soft skills while on the road. Many students have not traveled abroad, taken care of their own wellbeing, or have practiced making presentations. In addition, students learn to use public transit, personal security, how to access and use money, proper dietary and health practices, and how to dress professionally. In short, we get students ready for work.

Mr. Sexton has led 13 programs (263 students and eight faculty) benefiting from life lessons learned while traveling abroad. Many programs take 15-18 months from start to finish in terms of investigation, paperwork, contracting, site selection, negotiating with host firms, recruiting, and after action reports. Though a labor far beyond normal classroom teaching, he enjoys helping students transform into mature professionals through these programs.  


Mr. Sexton’s outside activities includes consulting with small and medium enterprises (SME's), agribusinesses, and non-profit organizations in the areas of corporate and SBU strategy, human resource planning, policies and procedures, branding and organizational communication (including social media). He has worked with the City of Seagoville, Texas on strategic direction, capital improvements, and tax base planning. Mr. Sexton has also worked with the City of Denton, Texas employees in the areas of business writing and communication. Additionally, he has worked with the Combined Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas (CLEAT) in providing survey design and interpretation services for law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Sexton’s other activities include producing audio recordings (voice-over's) for promotional videos (AACSB video for G. Brint Ryan College of Business), educational programs, documentaries, the Graduate School 3MT competition, and the UNT Police Department. He tutors junior high and high school students in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry free of charge.  


Mr. Sexton is currently the co-sponsor of the Entrepreneurship and Family Business club (EFB) along with Dr. Elisabeth Struckell. He was the faculty advisor for the student Family Business Initiative for Entrepreneurship (FBIE) Club as part of the wider initiative in the college (2014 – 2015). The group is active in the Denton community and co-sponsors networking events. He was formally the advisor for the Students In Free Enterprise/ ENACTUS (SIFE) organization (2007 – 2014). The SIFE/ ENACTUS team competed at the regional event in March 2012, taking second place in league and “Rookie of the Year” honors. The UNT team advanced to the national competition in May (Kansas City, Mo.) and were awarded “National Rookie of the Year 2012.” Additionally, he has been the sponsor of UNT Primal Parkour student group since 2013.


Mr. Sexton is a member of the UNT Entrepreneurship Committee, UNT Family Business Committee, the Academy of Management (AOM), the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), The Family Firm Institute (FFI), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Texas Farm Bureau, and Beta Gamma Sigma (national scholastic honor society). He and wife Harriet are members of St. John the Apostle, United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas where he serves as a member of the Staff Parish Relations committee.  


2019 Award for supporting UNT Sports and Student Athletes

2019 Award: University Foundation Outstanding Lecturer of the Year 

2018 University Foundation nomination for the Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award

2017 University Foundation nomination for the Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award

2017 University nomination for the J. H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award

2016 Teacher of the Year - Management

2016 University nomination for the J. H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award

2015 University nomination for the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award

2015 University Foundation nomination for the Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award

2015 University nomination for the J. H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award

2010 Educator of the Year – Management

2010 University Citation of Distinguished Service Contribution to International Education

2006 University Outstanding Online Teacher / Course of the Year

2001 - 2002 Outstanding Teaching Award: Council of Business Students

2007 - 2014 Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellow


2016 – 2019 Senator, University Faculty Senate (First Lecturer elected from COB)

2018 – 2020 Member, Senate subcommittee on Faculty Governance

2018 – 2020 Member, Senate subcommittee to Evaluate Administrators

2016 - 2019 Director, Management Study Abroad Programs

2016 - 2019 Chair, Management Scholarship Committee

2016 - 2019 Co-Sponsor Family Business and Entrepreneurship Student Group

2015 – 2019 University New Faculty Success Mentor (Provost Office)

2013 - 2017 University Study Abroad Programs Committee

2013 - 2017 University China Advisory Council (CAC)

2014 - 2017 UNT CAC Academic Programs and Study Abroad Sub-committee

2014 Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) Dean Search Committee

2013 - 2019 Management Scholarship Committee Member

2014 - 2016 Faculty Advisor to Family Business Initiative for Entrepreneurship (FBIE) Club

2007 - 2014 Faculty Advisor to Students in Free Enterprise/ ENACTUS

2003 - 2019 Graduation Announcer

2007 - 2009 Director, UNT Small Business Institute

2007 - 2008 Associate Director, Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship

2006 - 2007 Faculty Advisor to Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

2004 - 2005 Coordinator, iMBA Program College of Business

2001 - 2019 Entrepreneurship Group Member, G. Brint Ryan College of Business


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Medina, M.N., Cooper, D., and Sexton, S.M. (NA). The Role of Socialization and Core Self-Evaluations in University Organizational Identification. Work in progress for submission to the Journal of the Academy of Management.           

Medina, M.N., Cooper, D., and Sexton, S.M. (2016). Developing a Connection with New Undergraduate Business Students: The Role of Socialization and Core Self-Evaluations in University Organizational Identification. Accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management conference 2016.

Chandler, J., Cooper, D., Peake, W.O., Sexton, S.M. (NA). The Candy Shop Family Business Case. Work in progress.

Insley, R. G. (2010).  Communicating in Business in the 21 st. Century. Boston, MA.:  Pearson Custom Publishing. Models and diagrams created by S.M. Sexton.  

Insley, R. G. (2008).  Communicating In Business in the 21st. Century. Boston, MA:  Pearson Custom Publishing. Models and diagrams created by S.M. Sexton.  

Academic Interests: 

Small and medium sized businesses.