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Terrence L. Suber is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School's Marketing and Logistics Department who teaches Sales Management and Professional Selling courses. Mr. Suber holds the following degrees: M.B.A. from Texas A&M Commerce in Management,  B.B.A. in Marketing from University of North Texas and a A.A. of Arts and Sciences from Richland College. He brings 30 years of Corporate business experience to the classroom and has held B2B Sales, Brand Management, Market Research, Human Resource Management and Sales Management positions at Eli Lilly and Company, Multiple Mid-level Sales Management positions at The Coca Cola Company, Senior level Sales Leadership postions at Farmer Brothers Company and The Kaliedoscope Group Consulting firm. Mr.Suber has been recognized with multiple individual Sales, Sales Management,and Leadership Achievement Awards from Eli Lilly and Company and The Coca Cola Company. Mr. Suber is also a Leadership Coach and Public Speaker.

Academic Interests: 

Mr. Suber, Senior Lecturer (Marketing), has professional interest in B2B Sales Management and Training, Strategic and Conceptual Professional Selling (Business Development and Account Management), Large Account Management, Sales Force Strategy Development and Market Execution, Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Building and Developing "High Performing" Sales and Cross-Functional Work Teams, and Leadership Development.