ACCT 3110 Entrance Exam

Purpose of the Exam

Students at UNT are required to pass the Entrance Exam prior to enrolling in ACCT 3110. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that students are prepared for the rigors of this difficult Intermediate Accounting course. The preparation for passing this exam will also facilitate success in ACCT 3110.

Students cannot register for ACCT 3110 until they have passed the Entrance Exam and earned a grade of C or above in both ACCT 2010 and 2020. Students who have earned a grade of an A or B in ACCT 2010 at the University of North Texas in the prior 12 months are granted an exemption and are not required to take the entrance exam. For the students who have made an A or a B in ACCT 2010, please contact In the e-mail to Ms. Fowler, please provide your name, student ID number, and provide a screenshot of your “A” or "B" in ACCT 2010.

Description of the Exam

The Entrance Exam is held five times during the year in January, April, May, August, and November. The exam dates are strategically held at dates that will allow students to register for ACCT 3110 in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Specific dates and times for the exams can be found on the Department of Accounting web site at the following link: Students cannot take the exam more than once in any testing period.

The Entrance Exam is administered by the UNT Accounting Department at the Sage Hall Testing Center using My Accounting Lab software from Pearson. The exam is a computer based exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions over a two hour time limit. The cost for taking the exam is $20 which the student will pay directly to Pearson in the registration process. The student will be required to pay this $20 fee each time they take the exam.

Registering for the Exam

In the first step of the registration process, the student will register for a specific exam time slot on the Department of Accounting web site in the following link: After registering, the student will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Department of Accounting with the My Accounting Lab Course ID for the exam. The student will then enroll and pay for the Entrance Exam Course with Pearson as noted in the instructions included in the following link Students must register and pay for the exam with Pearson at least one day in advance of the actual exam date.

Preparing for the Exam

For most students, extensive preparation and study will be required to pass this comprehensive exam. As a first step, students should review their Principles of Accounting textbook, identify areas of weakness, and focus their study efforts on areas where they do not fully understand the accounting concepts. Starting with a review of the textbook will provide a great foundation for success on the exam and in the ACCT 3110 course.

In addition to spending time with the textbook, Pearson has provided study materials via the My Accounting Lab software. The cost of these study materials is included in the $20 exam registration fee. An access code for the on-line study materials will be provided to the student via an e-mail from the Accounting Department when the student registers for the exam. Information about the study materials is provided in the following link:

Beta Alpha Psi also provides an Accounting Entrance Exam boot camp several times during the year. During these five hour sessions, Beta Alpha Psi covers nearly all of the materials that will be tested on the exam. The location, date, and time for each of these boot camps are included in the following link: A notification will be sent out to each registered student providing more information on the boot camp. There is a $10 fee to attend the boot camp, and lunch will be provided. While the boot camps are great, merely attending a boot camp will not be sufficient effort to pass the exam for most students.