Professional Leadership Program

Welcome from the PLP Leadership Team!

We are excited to have you on board and to fulfill one of the most important roles in the program, that of a Mentor!

The Professional Leadership Program (PLP) has been investing in our next generation of leaders for more than two decades. And a unique and distinct feature of PLP is the one on one mentoring and coaching that each student receives from mentors such as yourselves, from both the for profit and not for profit sectors of the global marketplace.

For more than twenty years we have developed over a 1600 PLP Alumni, with a large majority of those completing the program in the past five years. These PLP Alumni now lead, own or operate businesses and organizations across the US, with a large concentration in the DFW market. Additionally, we are now seeing an emerging trend of PLP students moving into global positions, as a result of the combination of high impact PLP mentorship with their academic experiences at UNT.

We are committed to building upon this legacy in the years ahead and contribute to the development of talent that is not only, competent, competitive, high in character, but also has a servant leadership mentality.

Thank you for your service and investment in PLP!