Student Testimonials

"Professional Leadership Program has given me more than just the soft skill set that I need to be successful upon graduation entering into the professional world. It has given me a network of like-minded friends who I can leverage throughout my career to help me achieve my professional goals."

Kyle Schroeder, December 16'
Logistics & Supply Chain

"My experience in the Professional Leadership Program has been one marked by an introduction to true servant leadership. The passion and values of the members, alumni, and administrators of the program have shown me how to be a better leader for my community and company. I have witnessed the value effective leadership through this program; something that I would never have expected to find in my undergraduate career, and I am incredibly thankful that I took the time to apply and be a part of it."

Callie Stiewig, May 2017

"PLP has truly been one of my most memorable college experiences. Being a Biology major, I was previously unaware of all the skills I needed for the Professional world. Through the program, I was able to 'come out of my shell' and develop skills, such as teamwork, public speaking, and negotiating. I think above all I learned the true meaning of Servant Leadership. I am thankful for all the mentors, alumni, and staff who helped me through my year in the program."

Amal Farooq, May 2017

"I am Edgar Rangel a sophomore currently majoring in Finance and entrepreneurship. My goal in life is to change the world. I was honored to be accepted into PLP this year. I have built my network, leadership and family. Under PLP, I do not only have access to my mentor but also access to all mentors at a single click of a button. In addition, we have amazing speakers that come each week to teach us skills not taught in business classes. For example, conflict resolution, servant leadership and other character building aspects. Not only do I surround myself with mentors of PLP but also I get to interact with the best of the best in UNT, as the saying goes Iron sharpens Iron. It is great to surround myself with by individuals who have big dreams in their lives just like me. As of leadership skills, they do not only teach use but also put use in situations to teach use first had. For example, the McKinsey Study, we had the opportunity to work with a team full of leaders. One the most important aspects of leadership I learned is to be a servant leader willing to help anyone in need just like the student directors, and staff serve me and other members. Finally, I have grown a bigger family at UNT campus from the students I have meet that have become great friends. To the student directors who are always willing to give a guiding hand, and staff who is always concern about your well-being both professionally and personally."

Edgar Rangel
Finance/ Entrepreneurship