About PLP


The purpose of the program is to give exposure to skills needed in preparation for the complex world of employment. PLP provides students with the opportunity to meet with representatives from the corporate community and to attend the same training programs that are required for professionals in a wide variety of businesses and industries.


To prepare exceptional students for business leadership by supplementing degree competency with executive mentoring, corporate exposures, professional development and key business skills and values.


To be a nationally recognized professional leadership program for the development of exceptional leaders

Student Benefits

This program will give students exposure to skills they will need as they prepare for the complex world of employment. They will benefit from this program by getting an education beyond the classroom, meeting business contacts across the United States, gaining applied professional leadership experience, developing as a community leader, and improving their soft skills—all of which give them the added market value upon their graduation.

Learning Outcomes for Students

  • To develop and practice soft skills needed for any work environment.
  • To know and understand the concept of servant leadership in the workplace and how it is displayed.
  • To be able to utilize resources available to them through the program and mentors.
  • To engage with other students, mentors, and corporations as a way to build their network.
  • To achieve poise, presence and professional polish through communication, etiquette and leadership development.
  • To gain a global perspective of the workplace and understand differing cultures around them.
  • To learn to work as a team, think critically, and make decisions as a unit.

Student Expectations

The program is open to all majors at the university and is specific to junior, senior and graduate students. Members are self-starters and self-motivators who are looking for something that sets them apart from other job-seeking graduates. Program meetings for the 2017-2018 academic year will be every Wednesday from 4-6 PM or 5-7 PM. Program attendance is mandatory for weekly events. If your schedule for the academic year does not allow you to meet on Wednesdays from 4-6 PM or 5-7 PM on a consistent basis, participation in the PLP is not possible. Dress code for the Wednesday meetings is Business casual/ Professional dress (no jeans).