Centers and Programs

Institute of Petroleum Accounting

The Institute of Petroleum Accounting (IPA) was established in 1980 to assist in the educational development and active involvement in educational programs related to the extractive industries.

Center for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Center for Logistics & Supply Chain Management establishes a partnership between businesses and the academic community designed to advance the study and practice of logistics and supply chain management in Texas, nationally and globally.

The Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Established by an endowment from Dallas-based serial entrepreneur Mr. Ken Murphy in 2000, the Murphy Center at the University of North Texas has grown to meet the needs of the surrounding community by actively collaborating with entrepreneurs and investors to develop business ventures and explore innovation.

The People Center

Many of the critical issues facing organizations today involve their people. The People Center, established in 2021, serves to connect academic research to practice and address pressing people issues in organizations.