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G. Brint Ryan College of Business tours | IN-PERSON

Tours of the G. Brint Ryan College of Business are offered on select weekdays. We pride ourselves in offering smaller, more personal sessions to learn about the academic experiences of our students as well as a walking tour of the Business Leadership Building. Space is limited and reservations are required. Make sure to mark your preferred field of study as ‘business’ on the tours webpage.

G. Brint Ryan College of Business tours | VIRTUAL

Take a tour any time by visiting our online virtual tour. Make your way through the halls of the G. Brint Ryan College of Business and see for yourself why thousands of students choose to call the BLB home.

Campus tours

UNT campus tours are a great way for you to learn a lot about UNT in a short amount of time from current students. Tours are offered Monday-Saturday throughout most of the year and have several options so you can choose what will best fit your needs.

The Atrium of the Business Leadership Building was designed to be the center of a business student’s life. Modeled after a town square, the different “buildings” surrounding it house the various resources available to students.

Eleven Bloomberg terminals and a live stock ticker are housed within the BLB’s real-time trading room, providing students with an interactive, first-hand understanding of securities trading.

The college offers 120 computers in 2 labs and 50 laptops for students to check out and use in the BLB. Each computer runs a suite of programs necessary for RCoB required courses.

The terrace outside of the graduate lounge area is open to students and staff and allows everyone to step outside and get some fresh air after long classes or study sessions.

The faculty floor integrates disciplines, encourages collaboration, and centralizes faculty support services. In the middle of it all, you will find a green rooftop terrace that collects rain for landscaping use.