G. Brint Ryan College of Business Scholarships

You may apply for all RCOB scholarships through the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships application: https://financialaid.unt.edu/how-apply-scholarships

Click on General Scholarship Application to apply, or click here for a direct link to all RCoB scholarship listings.

Students can also find a link to the General Scholarship Application through myUNT now (Financial Aid & Scholarships > Scholarships > General Scholarship Application).

The college is pleased to announce the following recently endowed gifts to support G. Brint Ryan College of Business students in the future:

  • The Cecillia S. and James T. Norwood Endowed Scholarship
  • The D. Stiles Endowed Scholarship
  • The G. Brint Ryan Doctoral Strategic Research Initiatives Quasi-Endowment Fund
  • The Gary and Tammy Walston Endowed Scholarship for the G. Brint Ryan College of Business
  • The Jack Steven Willard Endowed Scholarship in Marketing
  • The Laurie Kidder Maddox and Valerie Gibson Endowed Scholarship
  • The Mark and Mary Hatcher Endowed Scholarship in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business
  • Theresa Kathryn Klein Smith Scholarship

*These scholarships may not be available for distribution yet. Please check the Student Financial Aid website for current scholarship offerings.