The Center

We are striving to create a leading collaborative environment of entrepreneurs, investors and supporters that facilitates the development of new business ventures and strengthens the prospects of early stage companies in the North Texas region.


Established by an endowment from Dallas-based serial entrepreneur Mr. Ken Murphy in 2000, the Murphy Center at the University of North Texas has grown to meet the needs of the surrounding community by actively collaborating with entrepreneurs and investors to develop business ventures and explore innovation. Mr. Murphy’s experience as the founder of The Mail Box Inc., and more recently Label Source Inc., is a testament to his passion for building successful companies. The Murphy Center embodies that passion with a platform that actively contributes to creating businesses or providing early-stage businesses access to resources. We’re a valuable partner to have.

Who We Are

We are a platform that supports students, faculty, staff and select North Texas based entrepreneurs and companies in their quest to develop business ventures and explore innovation.

Whether you’re interested in creating a business, or accessing resources to support a current venture, we’re a valuable partner to have.

What We Offer

We provide our community of entrepreneurs with a range of services, from access to resources to start your business, to back-office support, advisors and mentors, and most importantly, potential capital partners.

What We Believe

We believe that innovation, network and collaboration are the fuel that feeds a vibrant venture community. That when you bring together the right people, with shared targets and visions, value is created. By providing the necessary support structures for innovation and organic entrepreneurial activities, potential is unlocked and benefits are generated for not only the ventures, but for the community at large.

Who We Serve

We serve all University of North Texas students, staff, faculty and North Texas entrepreneurs and companies with a desire to build new businesses or grow and innovate with existing ventures.