Paying for College

UNT offers many different types of financial assistance to help you find your place at the College of Business.

UNT provides a traditional college experience and the quality of a private university at an affordable cost. We've been named one of America's 100 Best College Buys@ for 20 consecutive years.

Above the rest for thousands less

UNT’s popular Eagle Express Tuition Plan lets you lock in your academic costs for four years and save up to $3,000 when you graduate on time. No other Texas university offers a more innovative solution to rising college costs.

By the numbers

About 75 percent of UNT students receive financial aid and scholarships totaling $330 million annually.

Types of Assistance and Deadlines

  • Scholarships - funds awarded based on merit and/or need; no repayment required
  • Grants - funds awarded based on need; no repayment required
  • Loans - funds that must be repaid at some point
  • Student employment - 3,500 jobs on campus and 8,500 off campus

To receive first consideration for federal financial aid, submit the FAFSA before UNT’s Feb. 1 priority deadline for scholarship consideration.

March 1 is the admissions application deadline.

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