Travel requests mus​​​​​​​t be approved in CONCUR prior to any bookings/purchases.
If procedures are not followed you run the risk of not being reimbursed.

Click here to see a more detailed step-by-step presentation for this process.

Before Travel

  1. Traveler enters information into the Travel Authorization Request Form.
  • Please choose your department coordinator as your Travel Assistant.  
  1. The department coordinator reviews the submission, provides Chart String, approved amount, and any additional information.
  2. The Dean's Office (Shelly Beattie) enters the request into Concur.
  3. The traveler will be notified via email that your request is pending review and submission. (You must submit the request)
  4. Supervisor/Account Holder approves the request and the traveler is notified via email.
  5. Traveler books flight, registers for conference, etc.

Upon Returning

  1. Traveler returns with receipts. (All receipts must have the amount, payment method, and date)
  2. Traveler sends receipts to or
  3. Dean's Office (Shelly Beattie) enters expenses in Concur.
  4. The traveler will be notified via email that your expense report is pending review and submission. (You must submit the report)
  5. Supervisor/Account Holder approve expenses.
  6. Concur notices are sent at each stage and reimbursement is issued.

Mileage Reimbursement Only - No Request Needed​​​​​​​

  1. Traveler will email or upon return with reason for travel and the date or dates of travel.      
  • Per Dean Wiley’s direction on mileage reimbursements:

Calculate mileage from the faculty’s residence to destination
Calculate mileage from BLB to destination
We will pay the lower of the two


  • Concur Pre‐Approval Required

All travel requests must be approved in Concur before travel arrangements are made. An email from a Director, Chair, or Staff member does not mean your travel is approved!

  • Concur Is An Estimate

What you enter on the dynamic form is what staff will use to complete your request in Concur so please be as accurate as possible – however, Concur is a pre‐approval tool with estimated expenses, so there is no need to submit additional requests if airline ticket prices change, etc. Please be sure to include estimated taxes!

  • Plan Ahead

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks before anticipated dates of travel for Concur processing.

  • Texas Hotel-State Taxes

For lodging in Texas, Texas State Occupancy Tax shall not be assessed for any travel within the state of Texas. Travelers shall present the completed tax exemption form to the hotel front desk at the time of check-in. Although the hotels are not required to accept the exemption form, employees must present the form at check-in.

Note: If the commercial lodging establishment denies the exemption, the employee must state that fact when claiming the expense.

  • International Travel

International travelers are required to register their travel four weeks in advance with Risk Management. Please visit: for more information.