The Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences (ITDS)
is comprised of two academic disciplines, Information Systems and
Management Science.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate students in business computer information systems and business analytics at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels while pursuing basic and applied research in these areas.

Our Programs

Our undergraduate and masters programs in information systems and business analytics provide a sound business foundation, built on core business principals, effective communication, and leadership. Our information systems programs build on this foundation with courses that provide the technical, managerial, and design skills necessary for success in the ever-changing world of information technology. Our business analytics programs offer courses on data management and data modeling which prepare our graduates for a workplace seeking business professionals capable of enabling data-driven decision making. Both our BBA and MS in business analytics are STEM designated degree programs (details).

ITDS also offers Ph.D. programs in information systems, business information assurance, and management science. Our Ph.D. programs provide our graduates with the theoretical perspectives and methodological knowledge necessary to prepare graduates for careers in university education, research, or professional practice.

Our Faculty

Our faculty consists of distinguished scholars who are committed to student success while conducting cutting-edge business research. In addition to winning numerous awards for teaching excellence and curriculum development, our faculty helps shape the future of the information systems and business analytics disciplines by serving in important leadership positions in professional associations. The faculty’s award-winning research is featured in leading publications.

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